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Chicago, ILL | 2011 CONVENTION

A message from our President


The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. 2011 calendar year will be historic on every level. Our planned activities are expected to attract hundreds of thousands of attendees, including many of the nation’s most astute professionals, entrepreneurs, corporate partners, political leaders, and decision makers from around the world. And our Convention Vendor Exhibition and College Life to Corporate Life (C2C) Career Exposition, which are open to the public, will attract America’s leading corporations who are seeking an intelligent and diverse staff.

Corporate participation in the fraternity’s 105th Anniversary Convention, MLK Memorial Dedication and 17th Annual Congressional Black Caucus Reception will provide invaluable benefits for our organization. This means that Chicago will be an excellent opportunity for Alpha to convene workshops, seminars and training sessions to fully develop the leadership potential for every brother. In addition, we will instruct brothers and chapters on how to implement their annual programs under the umbrella of the fraternity’s “From the High Chair to Higher Education” initiative. There will be exceptional speakers, trainers and facilitators. And as always, the fraternity’s best and brightest will be honored in all competitive categories, along with presidential citations and the fraternity’s two highest honors: the Award of Merit and the Award of Honor.

For 2011, we will continue to support our mission of developing leaders, promoting, academic excellence, and providing service and advocacy to our communities.

I invite you to bring your family to Chicago for what will truly be a memorable and historic occasion, and the beginning of the “Dream!”

Herman “Skip” Mason, Jr.
General President


Our Mission

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. develops leaders, promotes brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing service and advocacy for our communities.

Our Vision

The objectives of this Fraternity shall be: to stimulate the ambition of its members; to prepare them for the greatest usefulness in the causes of humanity, freedom, and dignity of the individual;  to encourage the highest and noblest form of manhood; and to aid down-trodden humanity in its efforts to achieve higher social, economic and intellectual status.

The first two objectives- (1) to stimulate the ambition of its members and (2) to prepare them for the greatest usefulness in the cause of humanity, freedom, and dignity of the individual-serve as the basis for the establishment of Alpha Universitys.

“Since the day I picked up the Alpha history book (and that was before I went on line),
I have been madly in love with Alpha's history.”